Discover the achievements in harness manufacturing by Touraine Radiateurs

Take a look at these photographs and discover our many achievements. You can discover the careful manufacture of harnesses which have been inspired by customer models or famous radiator profiles. Indeed, we regularly produce harnesses inspired by the honeycomb type harnesses of the brands like “Fiat”, “Bugatti” and even “Moreux”. We draw inspiration from other profiles such as square, flat harnesses or round finned tubes.
Chez At Touraine Radiateurs, we listen to the needs of the customer to produce harnesses in line with the desired style. We are passionate about classic vehicles and put our hearts into adding a touch of quality.
Contact us without hesitation if a model catches your eye. Thanks to the prestigious Patrimoine Vivant business label, you can trust us to repair the radiators on your vehicles. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with quality work for a better durability of your classic vehicles near Poitiers.

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