Repair and restauration of industrial radiators in Indre-et-Loire

Touraine Radiateurs is an expert company in the field of repairing and restoring radiators, as evidenced by our prestigious “Patrimoine Vivant Company” label, rewarded for craftsmanship and excellent industry know-how.

You can entrust us with all your radiators whether intended for industry, the railway sector, or for public works.

Our know-how allows us to work on all types of radiators and to carry out all types of repairs, whether on light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, work machinery public, agricultural, locomotives or ships. We can meet all of your needs. Contact us for more information and a highly personalized service.

Our excellent services for your industrial vehicules

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Our activities include the integral manufacture all aluminum of your radiators, your plates and bars, and assembly by aluminum TIG welding in particular. But we also carry out all types of welding, the cleaning, replacement or repair of pipes, honeycombs and harnesses as well as the restoration of your air and oil radiators, air conditioning radiators and generators. We also offer to remove radiators anywhere in France.

Radiators for cars, trucks, and agricultural vehicles

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Has your vehicle’s radiator broken down? Whether it is a light vehicle, a heavy truck or an agricultural machine, our complete knowledge of mechanics allows us to proceed with the repair or replacement of the defective radiator of your vehicle. We will proceed to the detection of leaks, to the repair of the whole in order to restore all its effectiveness. If the repair is not possible, a replacement will be necessary and you will obtain a guarantee for new parts.

Vehicle and boat radiators

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The restoration and repair of locomotive and boat radiators requires meticulous work as well as a perfect knowledge of railway and naval mechanics. This is why Touraine Radiateurs offers you all the necessary work you need to carry out the complete refurbishment of your locomotive and boat radiators.

Label « Patrimoine Vivant Company» Label in Loches

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With more than 20 years of experience in repairing radiators on all types of vehicles, our company has won the trust not only of its customers but also of the State, which has awarded us the EPV label of a “Patrimoine Vivant Company”, highlighting our commitment as well as our know-how, making Touraine Radiateurs an ambassador of excellence for know-how made in France.

Wth this perspective of proximity and quality service, we meet your needs in Indre-et-Loire and throughout France.