Manufacture of harnesses for vintage vehicles in Indre-et-Loire

Beamcrafting is a meticulous practice that requires precision and concentration. At Touraine Radiateurs, a company that has obtained the prestigious “Living Heritage Company” label, we produce radiator beams according to a model defined together during the quote. Located in Loches in Indre-et-Loire, we are also active throughout France and sometimes in Europe. We participate in trade shows, which allows us to share our passion and learn more and more about collectible models. Trust us and contacus to manufacture your harnesses to the highest possible standard.

Repairs for harness of classic vehicles

We provide made-to-order harnesses of all shapes and sizes near Poitiers. In particular, we produce bundles with straight fins and round tubes of the “5HP”, “B2”, “Chenard and Walcker”, “Ford Type A” or “De Dion-Bouton” types. Among the beam profiles, we regularly practice the honeycomb in round hexagonal tubes of the “Lorraine Dietrich”, “Delaunay-Belleville” or “Bugatti” types. This style of harness is also found in “Fiat” and “Moreux”, horizontal square type.

We are able to produce (from dimensions and a photo) beams which will fit your vehicle radiator. Visit our point of sale to discover our work methods. We are committed to making radiators that also play an aesthetic role in a collector’s vehicle. It constitutes a final touch to the design of your vehicle, which is why we carry out the manufacture of radiators with precision. We also make aluminum radiators for racing cars.